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Don’t Overpay for Glasses!

What did you pay for your last pair of eyeglasses – $500? Maybe even $600 or more? You probably grumbled about the cost, but thought, “Hey, this is what they cost. And I need them to see. So, what am I supposed to do?” You don’t have to say that anymore, though. Eyeglasses no longer have to be ridiculously expensive. Read on to learn more about how not to overpay for your next pair of eyeglasses.

Stop Shopping at Boutiques

What you pay for eyeglasses has a lot to do with where you shop for them. If you’re committed to your local optical retailer, then you’re almost guaranteed to shell out more.
Small optical retailers don’t have the bargaining power to buy frames at a discount. As a result, they can’t pass along those savings to their customers. Furthermore, many of them specialize in selling pricey designer frames. While designer frames are stylish, many people forget that they can easily find equally attractive eyeglasses elsewhere.
“Aren’t designer frames higher quality than non-designer frames?” you ask. Probably not. Many designer frames are made by companies that manufacture the exact same designs for mass retailers such as Walmart and LensCrafters. The only difference is that the cheaper frames don’t have a designer logo.
You should also bear in mind that when you buy eyeglasses at an optical boutique, part of what you’re paying is the overhead costs of running a business. Your purchase funds their rent, the employees’ salaries, utilities, equipment, and any other expenses that they incur. Ask yourself: is that really what I want to be paying for?

Beware of the Upsell

When you shop at a bricks-and-mortar retail location, you’re at the mercy of salespeople who are looking to earn a commission off of you. They will attempt to convince you to buy a more expensive product, or purchase add-ons to the product you’re planning on buying.
Eyeglasses are no different. The salesperson will present you with the option to purchase protective coatings for your lenses. He or she will tell you that without these coatings, your expensive pair of new glasses will become scratched and damaged quickly, making it difficult to see out of them.
Remember that specialty lenses, such as the hi-index and polycarbonate variety, automatically include scratch and UV protection. And some retailers include scratch protection in the price of their lenses.

Glasses in a Day: Affordable, High Quality Eyeglasses in 24 Hours

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