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Sunday Delivery

Yes, you read that correctly! The U.S. Post Office now offers Sunday delivery to certain locations in the contiguous United States.

We can make up your new eyeglasses on Saturday and have them delivered to you on Sunday. Unfortunately the USPS charges for this service so an additional $20 shipping charge will apply.

This service is not yet available to all locations. To check if we’re able to deliver your new specs on a Sunday, please email us at with your shipping address. We will let you know right away!

I got my #glassesinaday (now including Sunday!)

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Free Overnight Shipping!


All orders now include FREE overnight shipping! Order today and have your new glasses as soon as tomorrow.

Orders placed on Saturday before 3:00 PM EST will ship out the same day and will arrive on Monday.

Orders placed after 3:00 PM on Saturday or on Sunday will ship out first thing Monday and will arrive on Tuesday.

Want to confirm we have your lenses in stock? Email us at

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Weekend Orders

It’s Friday and the weekend is about to begin! But what if you need a pair of eyeglasses made up right away and it’s the weekend?

We understand that things happen over the weekend, that’s why we’re at work on Saturdays to make your new eyeglasses. Unfortunately we’re closed on Sundays.

All orders placed before 3:00 PM EST on a Saturday will ship out the same day, so you can have your new eyeglasses as soon as Monday if you select overnight shipping at checkout. Although we’re not open on Sundays, you can still feel free to place an order. All orders placed on Saturday after 3:00 PM or on Sunday will be shipped out first thing on Monday, so you can have your specs as early as Tuesday.

If you have any questions regarding weekend orders, please feel free to contact us anytime at

I got my #glassesinaday

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Thank You!

I want to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to our loyal customers!

So far we’ve shipped eyeglasses to North Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Indiana just to name a few!

We’re the #1 destination for fast and affordable prescription eyewear online! Thank you!

When people ask where you got your glasses, tell them “I got my ‪#‎glassesinaday‬”


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Prescription Sunglasses

After a brutal winter in many parts of the country, who isn’t ready to break out the sunglasses and embrace the warm weather?

At, in addition to making prescription eyeglasses we also make non-prescription and prescription sunglasses. Any frame featured on our site can easily be turned into sunglasses (with or without prescription)!

And of course, your sunglasses can be polarized. Polarized lenses help to reduce glare and are great for anyone who spends time on the water, outdoors, skiing, biking, or driving. Please allow one extra business day processing for all sunglasses orders.

Sunglasses lenses are available in a variety of lens colors, although the most popular are gray and brown. To order one of our many frames as sunglasses, please email us at and we will be happy to help.


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Contacts and Glasses Rx Difference

Many people wear both eyeglasses and contact lenses for vision correction. However, while both products work to correct your vision, the prescription for each one is different.

A prescription for eyeglasses includes the necessary information to make a set of lenses for a frame. For contact lenses, the prescription will also include the brand prescribed by your eye doctor, lens material, the curvature of the lens (base curve), lens size (diameter), and other necessary information.

One of the main reasons for the difference between glasses and contact lens prescriptions is the distance each sits from your eye. Contact lenses sit directly on the surface of your eye, while glasses are positioned roughly 10-12 millimeters from your eye. In addition, the expiration dates for the two vary; contact lens prescriptions are generally valid for one year from your exam date. Eyeglasses prescriptions are generally valid for longer than contact lens prescriptions, although it varies by state.

If you need a pair of eyeglasses made up and you wear contact lenses, check with your optometrist to see if s/he has a copy. In most cases, your eye doctor also examined you for glasses at your last appointment.

For fastest service at, have your eye doctor fax your eyeglasses prescription to 1-800-878-4627.

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All About Astigmatism

Ever wonder what it means to have astigmatism? While the word “astigmatism” may sound intimidating, all it means is that you have some blurred vision. It’s a very common condition and most people have some degree of astigmatism.

Astigmatism occurs when the cornea of the eye is shaped imperfectly. This is to say that instead of the cornea being round, like a baseball, it’s shaped more like a football. Astigmatism can be easily detected and diagnosed during a routine eye exam.

Like nearsightedness and farsightedness, astigmatism can usually be corrected with eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. The part of your prescription that says “CYL” or “cylinder” is the astigmatism correction determined by your optometrist or ophthalmologist.

At, we stock thousands of lenses and in most cases can ship out your glasses (including those with astigmatic corrections) the same day your order is placed. If you’d like to check if we have your lenses in stock, feel free to send an email to

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What’s my PD?

P.D. is short for Pupillary Distance. This is simply the distance, in millimeters, between your two eyes.

We need it to make your new eyeglasses so that you’re able to see clearly. It helps us to line up the optical center of the lenses to the center of your pupil, ensuring the best possible vision.

You can obtain your PD a number of ways: 1) ask your eye doctor for it at your examination; 2) go into a local optical shop and ask for it to be measured; or 3) measure it yourself using our Printable PD Ruler at the footer of the page.

The average PD for an adult ranges between roughly 55 and 68 millimeters, although you may be slightly out of this range on either end. If you obtain a measurement that is far off (e.g. 45) you will want to measure again.