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Giving the Gift of Sight

Not many people are born with perfect eyesight. Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to afford corrective lenses or contact lenses. Some people have been lucky enough to finance laser eye surgery. What about the millions of people across the world who are not in that situation? To them, the world is blurry and constantly out of focus. Read on to learn how a simple gift can change their lives.

What Life Is Like with Poor Eyesight

Vision problems can affect people from all backgrounds and walks of life. In the eye health community, the most common vision problems are known as “refractive errors.” Refractive errors mean that a person’s eye doesn’t allow light to focus directly on the retina.

There are three highly common refractive errors which aren’t related to age. The first is nearsightedness. People who are nearsighted have no trouble seeing things close up. However, when an object is further away, it becomes blurry.

Another refractive error is farsightedness. It’s the opposite of nearsightedness – objects which are further away appear in focus. When an object is at close range, though, the person’s eyes can’t focus on it.

The third common refractive error is astigmatism. People who have astigmatism have trouble focusing on objects because their eyes don’t focus light evenly onto the retina. These people have corneas shaped like footballs instead of basketballs. Because some areas of their corneas are steeper than others, objects appear blurry or stretched out.

For people with poor eyesight who can’t afford eye exams or corrective lenses, life is challenging. If they’ve never been diagnosed with a vision problem, they might have gone through school with low grades because they couldn’t read all of the materials presented. Perhaps they have trouble finding or keeping a job. And operating a vehicle is dangerous, because they might not be able to read road signs or see hazards clearly.

Eye Exams and Glasses Can Change Lives

For people with poor eyesight who can’t afford glasses, the world has always looked blurry or distorted. They’ve never known anything else.

Undergoing an eye exam to determine why they can’t see properly and then receiving prescription lenses that meet their needs will change their lives. Patients will be able to see clearly. Operating a vehicle is no longer out of reach. Reading will become a simple, day-to-day task.

Glasses in a Day: Giving the Gift of Sight

Glasses in a Day is known for delivering high quality eyeglasses at an affordable cost in about 24 hours. However, we’re also known for our dedication to improving the vision of people in need. At Glasses in a Day, we believe sight is a right. That’s why we donate discounted and free eyeglasses to charities and non-profit organizations. The proper pair of corrective lenses prevents eye strain, blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, and improves blurred vision. Giving the gift of sight shouldn’t just happen during the holidays. Contact us today to partner with Glasses in a Day at

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