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Back to School means Back to COOL!

With computers, tablets, and other digital technology becoming the norm in classrooms throughout the country, it’s important to make sure each student is wearing the best eyewear. Digital eye strain is increasingly becoming a problem among today’s students with so many digital screens being used in the classroom.

Here at, we offer a wide variety of lens materials and treatments to help combat digital eye strain. The easiest and typically most effective way to reduce and prevent eye strain is to order your glasses with an anti-reflective coating. The anti-reflective coating on your lenses helps to block glare and reflections that come from digital screens, fluorescent lighting, and other everyday sources of light. If you have a new driver in your family, the anti-reflective coating is extraordinarily helpful for night driving too!

Simply select the Standard, Super, or Premium lens packages at checkout–all of these lens packages include an anti-reflective coating on the lenses. And it’s all starting at only $29! We want every student to have an eye strain free school year, so go ahead and make the investment today!

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Order a new pair of specs for back to school!

With the summer almost behind us and fall fast approaching, it can be difficult to get everything on your to-do list checked off. While new binders, pencils, and rulers are surely at the top of your list; don’t forget about that new pair of eyeglasses for your star student.

A proper pair of prescription eyeglasses can help your child see the board from the back of the class, reduce eye strain while using a computer, and even block harmful ultra violet rays. Up to date eyewear is a great way to give your child the best chance of success.

Here at, we’ve got you covered! Prescription eyeglasses can arrive on your doorstep as soon as the next day. So while a new pair of eyeglasses may not be on your list of back to school supplies, you can always order a great new pair at And rest assured, your new eyeglasses will arrive in no time.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always available via email at