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Are You Paying More for Women’s Glasses?

In 1995, a study published in California proved that women pay more for the same product than men. The phenomenon is known as gendered pricing. As a result of that study, California banned gender-discriminatory pricing. However, it’s alive and well in the rest of the US. Read on to learn more about how women pay more for everyday products, including eyeglasses, and what you can do about it.

The Cost of Being a Woman

In April 2015, the website The Daily Share posted a video about gendered pricing on items men and women use every day, such as razors and face cream. Reporters from The Daily Share revealed that women pay more for these items. The only item women paid the same price as men for was a shirt from American Apparel. However, the cost of dry cleaning that shirt was more expensive for women than for men.

Women also pay more for some services than men do. Take mortgages, for example. A 2011 study found that women pay more on average for mortgages than men do. Health insurance is another service for which companies charge women more. Some health insurance providers and employers make the argument that women use these services more than men do, so it makes more sense to charge them more money. That doesn’t explain why plans that cover a similar basket of services have such a high discrepancy in price, though. When you factor in the difference between men’s and women’s salaries, you have a situation in which women are paying more for things they need, such as eyeglasses.

What Can You Do to Change the Situation?

If you have health insurance, talk to your insurer about other plans that would meet your needs without paying too much. Not in a position to negotiate? Talk to your female coworkers. There might be enough of you to go to your boss and explain to him why the situation isn’t optimal.

Let’s say you don’t have health insurance. You don’t want to pay too much for glasses. How do you avoid paying the “pink tax” on an item you need every day? It pays to shop around. Nowadays, you can find some fantastic deals on eyeglasses online. Look for stores that charge the same price for men’s frames as they do for women’s frames. Not only are you paying a fair price, but you know you’re dealing with a retailer who’s taken a step for gender equality.

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