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Eyewear Sizing Guide

Your Glasses will Fit Great – Read this!

How do I know what glasses will fit best?

One way to determine the best fit is to look at the measurements in an existing pair of glasses. You might see something that looks like this “49□16 140” or “49-16-140” or “49□16-140.”

The first number (e.g. 49) is the eye size measurement, the horizontal measurement of one lens. The second number (e.g. 16) is the bridge measurement, or the distance between the two lenses.

The last number (e.g. 140) is the temple measurement, or the length of the piece that goes behind your ears.

You can match up these numbers on your existing glasses to glasses found on Glasses in a Day. If you don’t have a pair or existing glasses, you can always go into a local eyeglasses shop and try some on to see what fits.

Note: All eyeglasses measurements are in millimeters.


What about the lens height (vertical measurement) of the frame?

The lens height, or vertical measurement, isn’t printed inside a pair of eyeglasses. However, you can measure it yourself with a millimeter ruler and match it up to the vertical measurement we provide for each product. In addition, you can match up that measurement to our fitting guide below.


I don’ t have a pair of glasses to compare, how do I find a good fit?

All of the glasses on Glasses in a Day have a width measurement and are labeled either Narrow, Medium or Wide. This should serve as a useful guide to finding a good fitting pair of glasses.

Also, you can use the guide below to guide your shopping:


What if I get my glasses and they don’ t fit?

If you’re eyeglasses arrive and don’t fit properly, your best bet is to bring them into a local eyeglasses shop and ask for an adjustment. Typically, most optical shops don’t charge for adjustments and repairs.

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