Lens Options

All of our frames include basic lenses made of hard-resin plastic that includes a scratch resistant coating, at no additional charge.

You may wish to upgrade your lenses. Frames with additional lens options (except bifocals and progressives) also ship the same day you order!


How do I know if you have my lenses in stock?

We stock thousands of lenses to ensure your prescription eyeglasses are ready to ship out the same day your order. Over 99% of prescriptions we have in stock, but if you would like to be sure please send an email to info@glassesinaday.com and we will let you know right away!

What kind of lenses do you use?

We use hard-resin plastic lenses that are included at no additional cost when you purchase a frame. In addition, a scratch resistant coating is also included on your lenses at no charge!

Can I get anti-reflective coating on my lenses?

Yes, anti-reflective and high-index lenses are also available for a small additional charge. Anti-reflective lenses also ship the same day.

What about high index lenses?

Indeed! High index lenses are both lighter in weight and appear thinner than traditional lenses. We are happy to provide high index lenses at an additional charge. High index lenses also ship the same day.

Can I order bifocals and progressives?

Yes, you can! We now offer both traditional bifocals (with a line) and progressives (without a line) that can be ordered online. Both options require an additional one to two business days processing, since these lenses are ordered to your exact specifications.

These lenses are available at an additional cost, but it may be your best bet if you suffer from both myopia (nearsightedness) and presbyopia (farsightedness).

Can I get polycarbonate lenses?

Yes, we do offer polycarbonate lenses. However, we typically do not recommend them. Polycarbonate lenses are denser than traditional plastic and therefore do not provide the best visual acuity. At the same time, polycarbonate lenses tend to scratch easier than plastic lenses even with a scratch resistant coating.

If you’re concerned about the weight and appearance of traditional plastic lenses, your best option is to select high index plastic. High index plastic is lighter, thinner, and has optical acuity that is superior to that of polycarbonate lenses.

If you’re in an industry (e.g. sports, construction, etc.) that requires impact resistant lenses then we strongly suggest you get polycarbonate lenses due to their durability and impact-resistant nature.

Please email us at info@glassesinaday.com to request polycarbonate lenses. In most cases, these lenses also ship out the same day but may require one additional business day for processing.

What about lenses that change color in the presence/absence of light or Transitions lenses?

Those lenses are also available, but at a small additional cost. They take one extra business day to process as well.

Please email us at info@glassesinaday.com to check the availability and pricing of those lens options. Color-changing lenses are available in both gray and brown colors, the choice is yours!

Do you offer prescription sunglasses? Can I get them polarized?

Yes, we do! Any one of our frames can be turned into prescription sunglasses for a nominal added fee.

You may also choose to upgrade to polarized prescription eyeglasses.

Prescription sunglasses (both regular and polarized) take about one additional business day to process. Please email us at info@glassesinaday.com to inquire and receive pricing for prescription sunglasses.