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Have your new specs shipped to your office!

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Did you know that you can have your new eyeglasses shipped somewhere other than your home/billing address? Whether you’re at the office, on vacation, or staying with a friend we’re able to send your glasses anywhere you’d like. Simply type in an alternate shipping address when placing your order.

Shipping your glasses to your work address is the perfect way to ensure you’re there when they arrive so you can start wearing them right away. Also, shipments typically arrive to commercial locations earlier in the day than residential ones.

So next time, don’t wait until you get home to enjoy your new specs! Have them shipped directly to work.

Eyeglasses are FSA and HSA Eligible!

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With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us and the end of the year close at hand, it’s easy to forget about those Flex Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) balances.

Did you know that both FSA and HSA accounts are eligible for the purchase of prescription eyewear? You can use the funds set aside in FSA and HSA accounts towards the purchase of prescription eyeglasses!

Check out the great selection of fashionable eyeglasses at glassesinaday.com, and feel free to use your FSA and/or HSA credit card at checkout. No FSA/HSA card? No problem! Simply use a credit or debit card of your choice and we’ll provide an itemized receipt to submit to your plan administrator. It’s that simple!

New eyewear is a fantastic way to use your benefit while getting a fresh pair of specs for the new year!

What phone number should I include on my order?

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This is a question we get all of the time, and it’s an important one. Nowadays everyone has several phone numbers; home, mobile, work, etc. It’s difficult to decide which one to put down when placing an order online.

We recommend that you include your cellular or mobile phone number. This way we can reach you if we have a question regarding your order. There are instances when we have to call to verify your prescription, check the shipping address, or to ask a question regarding delivery. If we have your mobile phone it’s easier for us to reach you and we can get your glasses delivered faster by resoling any issues right away.

A lot of folks think they need to provide their home phone number to match their credit card billing information. However, this is not the case. We verify your credit card information by using your street address, zip code, and the 3 or 4 digit security code on your card.

So feel free to provide your cell phone number and still rest assured your transaction is safe and secure! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us anytime at info@glassesinaday.com.

Now you can upgrade to FedEx shipping!

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Great news from your friends at glassesinaday.com!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently added an option at checkout where you may upgrade your shipping to FedEx for an additional fee. This is great if your glasses absolutely have to arrive the next day!

You may be heading out of town for a business meeting, going on vacation, or taking a driving test at the DMV. Whatever your reason, you can now have the confidence and security that comes with Federal Express shipments to know your glasses will arrive on time.

Of course, we still provide free Express and Priority Mail shipping via the United States Postal Service with every order. We’re certainly not raising our prices. We’ve just added the additional FedEx option if you choose to partake.

And the best part is that we guarantee all shipments sent via FedEx. If your glasses do not arrive on time for some reason, we will gladly refund the additional fee–no questions asked!

If you have any questions about this new shipping option or if there’s anything else we can assist with, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can always reach us by email at info@glassesinaday.com. Thank you all for your continued patronage!

Got Accessories?

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Glasses in a Day is happy to now provide our customers the option to add optical accessories to their order!

We’ve added cases, cleaning cloths, lens cleaner, and croakies to our offerings to help you better protect your purchase. This is a great way to ensure your new frames and lenses stay protected while ensuring their longevity.

Before completing the checkout process, simply select the accessories you’d like to add them to your order. Buy one or buy them all! We’ll ship them with your new specs and all will arrive as soon as the next day.

We hope you’ll enjoy this addition to our services and look forward to continuing to serve your eyewear needs going forward!

Now Order Bifocals and Progressives Online

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We are thrilled to announce that customers can now order both bifocals and progressive lenses online. During the checkout process, simply select this option and we’ll get the order going for you right away!

So what’s the difference between traditional bifocals and progressive lenses?

That’s a great question! Traditional bifocals have distance on the top and reading on the bottom, this is divided by a straight line. Progressives, on the other hand, are multi-focal lenses with fields of vision for distance, intermediate (i.e. computer), and reading. Progressives don’t have a line.

While both traditional bifocals and progressives are more costly than single vision lenses, they allow for optical acuity for patients with both myopia (nearsightedness) and presbyopia (farsightedness). Either option does take an additional one to two business days processing since these lenses are manufactured specially for your individual needs.

If you have any questions about ordering bifocals or progressives, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Otherwise, place your order online and we’ll get these to you in short order!

Did You Get Glasses before the New Year!

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Are you ready for 2016? Have you made your resolutions? Have you made party plans? And, equally importantly, have you spent all of the money in your health insurance plan’s flexible savings account (FSA)? You only have until December 31st to do so. One of the easiest ways to spend down your FSA is to get glasses – read on to learn more.

FSAs and Eligible Expenses

For the vast majority of FSAs, eyeglasses are eligible expenses. When you hear the word “eyeglasses,” you might think it only applies to prescription glasses. Depending on your FSA, that might not be the case.

Your FSA might cover eyeglasses with or without lenses. So, if you’re interested in getting another pair of frames, this could be your opportunity!

Reading glasses may also be an eligible FSA expense. If you’ve noticed you have difficulty reading, investing in a pair of reading glasses might be worthwhile.

Have you realized that you need prescription sunglasses when you’re outdoors? Prescription sunglasses are useful all year round. Even during the winter, the sun’s reflection can create glare on snow and ice.

If You Waited There’s Next Year!

After New Year’s Day, you’ll have lost the FSA money you accumulated over the course of the year. That would be a shame to let that money go to waste, especially if you really need glasses.

What can you do? Take the time to read over your health insurance policy carefully. If you’ve still got questions, call your insurance company. They’ll be able to give you the information you need.

If it turns out you’ve still got money in your FSA left and you or a family member needs new glasses, contacts, or prescription sunglasses, book an appointment with an eye doctor. You should do this as soon as possible, because there are many other people who are in the same situation as you – they also need to empty their FSAs before January 1st rolls around, and they’ve also concluded that they need new eyeglasses.

Do you want your eyeglasses right away? There are a number of online stores where you can purchase eyeglasses, and you can receive them the very next day! All you need to do is provide your prescription.

Glasses in a Day: Providing Quality Eyeglasses in 24 Hours!

Are you looking to spend your FSA dollars on eyeglasses? Contact Glasses in a Day. We accept FSAs and process your order for eyeglasses in a day. Plus, Glasses in a Day charges up to 70% less than retail optical shops because we purchase our frames directly from manufacturers around the world. And, we’ve got our own optical lab in Massachusetts, so your lenses are prepared onsite. Don’t lose your FSA money this year, especially if you really need a new eyeglasses prescription. Email us at info@glassesinaday.com today to fill your order!

Could Your Child’s Learning Difficulties Be Due to Vision Problems?

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What were your child’s grades like on his or her last report card? If they were lower than you expected, you might be scratching your head. Your child is smart – why isn’t he or she performing better in school? The answer might have nothing to do with your son or daughter’s intelligence. Rather, the cause of the problem might be his or her vision.

How Vision Affects Learning

Think back to your days in elementary school, and you’ll remember your teacher writing on the blackboard. One of the most popular ways to communicate teaching material is visually.

However, vision problems make it difficult for children to learn in this manner. If your child has an undiagnosed case of nearsightedness, he or she won’t be able to see a blackboard that’s too far away. Conversely, if your child can see the blackboard without trouble, but he or she can’t see what’s written on a page six inches from his or her face, your child might be farsighted.

Another common vision problem is astigmatism. When a person has astigmatism, his or her eyes can’t focus properly. Objects are blurry.

Why Vision Problems Can Go Untreated

Some children might simply accept that they have poor vision, and that’s the way things are. They don’t realize that it’s possible to see properly – the world they know has always been blurry, so why should it change?

It also might not occur to some parents that vision difficulties could be the root of their child’s academic performance issues. They might just think that their child isn’t trying hard enough, or could have a learning disability. If neither parent has a vision problem, it may never cross their minds that their child could have one.

Eye Exams: They Might Change Your Child’s Life

Scheduling an eye exam will determine whether your child has an undiagnosed vision problem. If your child has trouble reading any part of the vision chart, that’s a sign that he or she might need glasses.

Corrective lenses can open up a new world for your child. He or she will be able to see the blackboard or computer screen clearly and sharply. Glasses will make it easier for your child to learn visually. As a result of your child’s newly improved vision, his or her grades should rise.

Giving the Gift of Sight

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Not many people are born with perfect eyesight. Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to afford corrective lenses or contact lenses. Some people have been lucky enough to finance laser eye surgery. What about the millions of people across the world who are not in that situation? To them, the world is blurry and constantly out of focus. Read on to learn how a simple gift can change their lives.

What Life Is Like with Poor Eyesight

Vision problems can affect people from all backgrounds and walks of life. In the eye health community, the most common vision problems are known as “refractive errors.” Refractive errors mean that a person’s eye doesn’t allow light to focus directly on the retina.

There are three highly common refractive errors which aren’t related to age. The first is nearsightedness. People who are nearsighted have no trouble seeing things close up. However, when an object is further away, it becomes blurry.

Another refractive error is farsightedness. It’s the opposite of nearsightedness – objects which are further away appear in focus. When an object is at close range, though, the person’s eyes can’t focus on it.

The third common refractive error is astigmatism. People who have astigmatism have trouble focusing on objects because their eyes don’t focus light evenly onto the retina. These people have corneas shaped like footballs instead of basketballs. Because some areas of their corneas are steeper than others, objects appear blurry or stretched out.

For people with poor eyesight who can’t afford eye exams or corrective lenses, life is challenging. If they’ve never been diagnosed with a vision problem, they might have gone through school with low grades because they couldn’t read all of the materials presented. Perhaps they have trouble finding or keeping a job. And operating a vehicle is dangerous, because they might not be able to read road signs or see hazards clearly.

Eye Exams and Glasses Can Change Lives

For people with poor eyesight who can’t afford glasses, the world has always looked blurry or distorted. They’ve never known anything else.

Undergoing an eye exam to determine why they can’t see properly and then receiving prescription lenses that meet their needs will change their lives. Patients will be able to see clearly. Operating a vehicle is no longer out of reach. Reading will become a simple, day-to-day task.

Glasses in a Day: Giving the Gift of Sight

Glasses in a Day is known for delivering high quality eyeglasses at an affordable cost in about 24 hours. However, we’re also known for our dedication to improving the vision of people in need. At Glasses in a Day, we believe sight is a right. That’s why we donate discounted and free eyeglasses to charities and non-profit organizations. The proper pair of corrective lenses prevents eye strain, blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, and improves blurred vision. Giving the gift of sight shouldn’t just happen during the holidays. Contact us today to partner with Glasses in a Day at info@glassesinaday.com.